Our People

Bill Fell
Bill Fell has been involved with both transport and recycling businesses for more than 30 years. The genesis of Bill’s interest in tyre recycling was a request from a major tyre producer to bring greater control to the management of end of life tyres and to help them manage their Producer’s Responsibilities.
This request coincided with a number of significant market changes including the landfill ban and also the modification of cement kilns to accommodate used tyres as a fuel. In addition to Bill’s commercial instinct he is passionate about the environment “There couldn’t be a more exciting time to be involved in an industry. The pace of change is incredible and I feel that those involved in the sector have the opportunity to really make a difference to our future. The problems are global and so significant that we in the UK have an opportunity to lead the way”.
Bill’s bought exclusive intellectual property rights to the Compactyre technology in 2008.

Sharon Fell – Managing Director
Sharon Fell, a business graduate from Glasgow University, has been responsible for developing the Compactyre Standard, a customer care programme that underpins the flexibility and performance of the Company’s operations.
Sharon’s extensive experience in managing tyre collection and disposal activities for Scotland and North East England’s largest tyre collection company enables Compactyre to provide logistics support to all users of its system.

Richard Cook – Development Director
Richard Cook was National Sales Manager for the UK’s largest waste management company for more than 10 years, Biffa Waste Services plc, and is a passionate advocate for recycling and the environment – having pioneered national recycling collection infrastructure for a range of recyclable materials.
In recent years Richard has run an international trading company established to solve a range of issues in the international recycling markets relating to difficult to handle but recyclable materials. This included sale materials from tyre recycling through which Compactyre benefits from increased disposal options both domestically and abroad.
Richard is also a former parliamentary candidate and has advised national governments on waste disposal, recycling and energy legislation.