Benefits of Compactyre

The primary benefit of Compactyre is to garages and tyre manufacturers who find all tyres removed from vehicles are immediately put entirely beyond use. This will, over time, eradicate the dangerous practise of “runner” tyres and increase the volume of end of life tyres available for recycling activities, including recovery as a Tyre Derived Fuel.

Bulk storage of tyres is also removed as an issue at sites of production and use of Compactyre reduces the number of vehicle movements required to effect disposal – with an associated reduction in carbon emissions.

Compactyre significantly reduces the cost of collection to garage owners (by between 20% and 60%) and makes handling of tyres on site easier and more focussed. Compactyre’s end product can be securely stored outside in a manner which reduces risk of fire and contamination.

Compactyre equipment can easily be accommodated by even the smallest garage or operation. It occupies limited space and can be operated from mains power.
More generally the benefits of Compactyre are summarised as:

  • reduces tyre removal and collection costs by between 20%-60%
  • reduces the number of journeys leading to lower fuel costs and associated carbon emissions
  • makes bulk storage of end of life tyres much easier at transfer stations and further processing sites.
  • removes unsafe tyres from the market, permanently.
  • tyres are easier to handle and store at the point of removal.
  • removes the need for garage employees to assist tyre collection vehicles with loading, enabling them to concentrate on their core purpose of fitting tyres
  • tyres can be securely stored outside reducing the risk of fire and contamination.
  • External secure storage allows used tyres to be collected at quiet times outside normal working hours, minimising disruption to garage operations.
  • The volume reduction of compacted tyres allows more tyres to be carried in a single journey.
  • tyres can be processed in the same way as non-compacted tyres.