About Compactyre

Compactyre has the ability to fundamentally change the way end of life (used) tyres are handled and collected across the UK. Put simply, Compactyre is environmentally friend, easy and safe to operate, reduces costs and saves lives. This unique, patented, hydraulic-driven compactor punctures and compresses a tyre to less than one-quarter of its original size. The end product is then easy to handle, store and transport.

Used with Compactyre’s integrated bin and vehicle configuration, once the tyre has been compacted it no longer requires to be handled manually – significantly reducing the risk of personal injury.

Compacted tyres are retained in the folded position by mild steel nails, enabling them to be shredded or granulated in exactly the same way as any non-compacted tyre. The process of compaction breaks the tyre bead and punctures the casing – preventing defective tyres being sold on the second hand market to unknowing customers, helping to address the number of road traffic accidents across Europe as a result of unsafe tyres.

Compactyre is a revolutionary approach and will change the way in which end of life tyres are collected forever.